One K A Day, Day 11, 12 & 13

Alright. The craziness has subsided at work. This should be the last multi-day posting for this series. Here are three from Slidell, where I was living at the time. I came home the last week of September. Most of the trees in the yard had been blown down, but all fell either parallel or away from the house.

Neighbors had been feeding the cats, who, needless to say, were freaked out when I got back. The one in the first picture finally came out after 2 days of hiding from me under the furniture.

The last picture I took on my first gawking venture down Highway 11. It was about a week before they were letting people back into New Orleans. There was a marina, called Tites, at the end of Hwy. 11 before the bridge. It, and every other business, on that end of the road was wiped out.

While I was taking this picture, a Humvee with National Guard people pulled up. So did a a lady, who got a box of crackers out and started feeding the ducks. She must have been feeding them regularly, because they started hauling ass towards the road where I was standing when she got out.

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