Big BCS Day

LSU is playing in the big national championship football game tonight at the New Orleans Superdome. We’ve had a week of partying leading up to it. New Years Eve, the Sugar Bowl and the LSU/Tulane basketball game were mere warm-ups; appetizers, if you will, to tonight’s main event. Should LSU win (and, yes, they should), the afterglow might well outshine the early-season Mardi Gras coming up in less than a month on February 5.

Despite the antics of some anarchist natives, an informal tally of Ohio State fans versus the LSU faithful shows the Buckeyes are outnumbered by a wide 11 to 1 margin.

And what exactly is a buckeye, anyway? Answer: A poisonous nut.

The Ohio buckeye is found growing along streams and river banks in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, north to Michigan and south to Mississippi. It flowers in May and June, and on account of the unpleasant odor given off the tree is often called fetid buckeye. From Henriette’s Herbal Homepage.

Need I say more?

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