Quarter Adventures, Part ???

Note: Well, official (late) blog congrats to Nola and CS on the early rising of Sun!!!

Well, we finally made it to Mr. B’s in the Quarter last Thursday. After a hard day’s work helping Pete’s mom and dad, who have been painting at the sister’s still-hurricane-ravaged condo building out at the lake, we went down to the recently re-opened bistro for nice dinner. We started off with some cocktails; mom had a Chopin vodka and tonic with lime, dad a Crown and water, and I with a vodka martini, straight up with a twist. Sister stuck with iced tea.

We decided on a crab cake and tasso shrimp for appetizers, both fantastic. Soup three ways for mom and dad–demitasses of gumbo ya-ya, seafood gumbo, and soup of the day, which was tomato-basil. I just had some of the gumbo ya-ya, Mr. B’s signature thick, dark, smoky and spicy version of andouille and chicken gumbo. Entrees—dad the barbecue shrimp, mom a softshell crab, sister a bowl of the gumbo ya-ya and a tomato salad and I the shrimp and grits, despite my original craving for the grilled fish.

Celebrity sightings: James Carville walked in while we were eating, and earlier in the week sister’s landlord said hello to Angelina while walking on Royal Street. She was walking on the sidewalk, and passed a woman with a child in a stroller. Angelina told her hello, sister’s landlord said hello, and was inside the house before she realized it was Angelina she had passed.

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