One K A Day, Day 19

View from the roof of Harborview Condominiums. You can see where the roof was peeled off, exposing the units in the front of the condos. Out of 100 units, only a few escaped wind and rain damage. Flooding wasn’t an issue for the living units; the building’s ground level was for parking (see example here), mailboxes, office space and, what would became a major problem, the electrical room.

Three years later, after poor management and foot-dragging by State Farm, Harborview has still not been issued an occupancy permit. Three years of owners paying mortgages and condominium assessments (that often are in excess of their notes) for a home that cannot be lived in or sold.

You can see the big mud puddle and light poles that once was the Coconut Beach volleyball complex and the bridge over the 17th Street Canal to Bucktown (or where Bucktown used to be).

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