One K A Day, Day 7 & 8: A Two-fer

Since I was out of the office yesterday, I’ll make it up by posting two pictures today.

The first is a photo of a Porsche Boxter UW (under water edition) that got left behind in the parking garage under my sister’s condo building near the Marina.

The second shot is a view east down either Mouton, Chapelle or Downs (I wasn’t paying attention, sorry) street from the intersection of West End Blvd. It’s just a small sample of the overall suckage that covered the entire city from the 17th Street Canal east to St. Bernard Parish.

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  1. […] wasn’t an issue for the living units; the building’s ground level was for parking (see example here), mailboxes, office space and, what would became a major problem, the electrical […]

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