And the Winners Are…

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The NOLA bloggers have been doing great work covering the 2008 Jazz & Heritage Festival. Chronicling the rising prices, the food, the rain, the influx of tourists Foreigners taking over and most of all the music, NOLA bloggers have written of their experiences for all to read. We therefore bestow the following Lucky Blog awards for excellence in all things Orleanian and Jazz-Festy, First Weekend of Jazz Fest Edition:

Best Overall: Wet Bank Guy at Toulouse Street’s Battling Fortuna at the Track , and his posts that follow.

Most Thorough Coverage: Minor Wisdom’s posts starting with Where I’ll be on Friday (maybe) and continuing for each day of the fest so far.

New Orleans Music’s Best Friend: Bonerama Freak Stacey’s Jazz Fest or Rain Fest?

Best Jazz Fest Newbie Post: Kiss My Gumbo’s My 1st Jazzfest.

Best Jazz Fest Post From Someone Who Didn’t Go; also, Best Atmospheric Post: Tim’s Nameless Blog’s The Sounds of New Orleans .

Best Rant on the Foreigners Taking Over: Mosquito Coast’s Jazz Fest Musings .

Good Solid Posts That Do Not Necessarily Fall Into Any Category: Prytania Water Line’s Jazzfest Story and Drive By Blogger’s advice to the Foreigners at New Orleans Jazz Festival 2008 .

So here are your awards to claim, if you so choose.

Full size:

Large Lucky

Or bling-sized:

Lucky Bling

Disclaimer: Read these other blogs at your own risk. We don’t vouch for other peoples’ content in posts and comments we didn’t read. Also, Pete and Nola bestow these awards in appreciation of everyone’s hard work, wit and humor. If we left anyone out, sorry, we tried to gather as many as we could. You’re welcome to point out posts we should have seen in the comments.

3 Responses to And the Winners Are…

  1. […] and photographers in the NOLA bloggers community. Also you should get over to NOLA Notes and Pontchartrain Pete to check out the category […]

  2. […] thanks to the The Nola Notes & Pontchartrain Pete Academy for bestowing an award on me for the “best newbie Jazzfest post.” Lookie here […]

  3. Ray Ward on May 12, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    Thanks very much for the recognition. I do enjoy going to and writing about the Jazz Fest; I’m still a bit surprised that people enjoy reading what I write. Anyway, I hope that people who have never attended get a realistic sense of what it’s like, understand that it’s like nothing else on earth, and make up their minds to plan their vacations for Jazz Fest.

    I noticed (again) that there are a lot more out-of-town visitors at Jazz Fest than there are locals. The absence of locals is not good, but the presence of visitors is something we need. And these particular visitors have better taste and discernment than most. (You know, one day of Jazz Fest probably brings more money into New Orleans than 8 Saints home games. Not to denigrate the Saints — I’m just saying ….)

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