Pics from Mardi Gras Past Part II

I’ve been trying to find my older photos from the time I got my first digital camera in 2000. That was a rough one. I had just moved back to the city from Baton Rouge that year and was hanging out on St. Charles Sunday afternoon waiting for for my first Bacchus in years. During Tucks, I was leaning out on a ladder to get a picture, when I fell, really hard. Everyone thought I had hit my head, but I was o.k. and popped right up. I had trouble walking but nothing hurt.

One of my brother’s friends, a doctor, came over and asked me to follow his fingers as he waved them in my face. He pronounced me neurologically fine. I sat there for a while and tried to make it back to the house but walking was difficult. I made it to my car and then home. To a lot of growing pain. It ended up I had torn two ligaments in my groin. The orthopedist I went to said, “You know when they say a football player tore a groin muscle and will be out for 4-6 weeks? You’ll be out for 4-6 weeks.”

He was right. It took about that long before I could walk without crutches. I did get some good shots that day and have misplaced all but one of them. I have several old hard drives lying around, they also should be somewhere in that stack of backup CDs I have…somewhere.

Here is the only shot I have from that day. It’s one of my favorites and it had been transfered from computer to hard drive to hard drive as part of a separate collection. It’s my cousin’s kids and their friends reaching out for throws.


I call it “Mardi Hands.”

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  1. Nola on January 30, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    Love the pic! Sorry you got hurt!

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