A Little Slice of NOLA on the Northshore

I just came off of a tour of Northshore Sno-Ball (or Snowball) stands. We found one on Hwy. 59 in Abita Springs, which Pete-in-Exile passes daily on his way to work. Passes, but never stops. Too bad, because I’ve been missing out on wonderful slice of New Orleans that’s been plopped dead center onto the Northshore. It’s called Bot & Nola’s Sno Balls & Other Cool Stuff.

The lady who owns the place is also an Abita Springs city council member and Mayor Pro Tem of Abita Springs. She’s got a bunch of New Orleans memorabilia and old-fashioned hard-to-find kids items, like candy cigarettes, big wax lips and violet gum (the “Other Cool Stuff’). She’s also the Northshore’s source for New Orleans Nectar Soda and Angelo Brocato’s Italian ice cream and bakery products. Yes, there’s lemon ice on the Northshore.

But the standout item is a re-creation of Ignatius J. Reilly’s favorite drink, Dr. Nut. Working with New Orleans food guru and Dr. Nut aficionado Tom Fitzmorris, she’s developed a sno-ball syrup which captures the almondy essence of this extinct New Orleans soft drink.

Bot & Nola’s is on Hwy. 59 just south of Abita Springs. There’s a playground for the kids and umbrella-shaded picnic tables to enjoy your delicious treats. Summer’s almost here, people.

3 Responses to A Little Slice of NOLA on the Northshore

  1. MammaLoves on May 26, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    Sounds wonderful! It was a cool 90 degrees here today in NoVA. Made me feel just like I was back in NOLA.

  2. www.nolanotes.com on May 28, 2007 at 12:02 pm

    I want to go there! I love “Other Cool Stuff!”

  3. mybayouvieux on August 15, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    My friend Mary Beth introduced me to this place and it is our favorite meetup with the kids. One day (after not seeing each other for like 2 months) we met up at 3:00pm and left at 6:00pm. The kids just played, sipped their melting snoballs and knoshed on cool old fashioned candy. We of course could relax and gab for hours. It is our favorite hangout!

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